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Cortez:Genuine to the Core
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The Retail Merchants of Cortez Colorado Welcome You!
Whether you're an art enthusiast, fresh air junkie, wine connoisseur, birder or just looking for a weekend getaway, Cortez Colorado has something for you!
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Cortez Recreation Center Golden Aspen Leaf Conquistador Golf Course

Cortez is the largest town in Mesa Verde Country®, and only 9 miles from the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park. It is the heart of the Four Corners and is a great base from which to explore the region. The magnificent landscape of canyons, mesas, red rock formations and juniper covered hills draw hikers and climbers alike. Visitors enjoy exploring ancient villages and western towns, browsing through trading posts and fine art galleries, and driving through the brilliant fall foliage of the San Juan National Forest and stunning canyons of the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway.

Cortez has been a thriving cultural crossroads for over two thousand years. The prehistoric Basketmaker Indians flourished during the Classical Age, and remnants of their civilization can be seen in the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park. The Spanish traversed the countryside in the 1760s, and the first Anglo pioneers settled in the 1870s after trying their hands at mining gold and silver in the rich mountains. Our landscape — rolling sage plains rimmed by towering mountains and mesas — has inspired and nurtured the people who call this valley home.

Ringed by mountains, mesas, and miles of rolling sage plains, Cortez is only a fifteen-minute drive in any direction to learning, adventure, and discovery. Experience the life of a working cowboy or ancient archaeological sites. Wander historic downtown with the Crossroads Culture Walk Tour, or enjoy an incredible array of parks and trails — over 300 acres of them — as well as a professional 18-hole golf course. The crowning glory of the parks system is the Cortez Recreation Center, with and indoor pool, kiddie water playground, 40 ft. slide and lazy river.

Cortez Merchants Regions Map
Shopping in Cortez, Colorado

Cortez Shopping is divided into 5 regions: Cortez West, Cortez Central, Cortez East, Downtown West and Downtown East.

Find a Retailer in Cortez, Colorado by clicking a Merchant Region in the Regions Map shown at left. A detailed map and legend of the Cortez Retailers in each selected Region will display in a new window. Cortez Retailer maps are updated on an annual basis.

For Lodging information:
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